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Introducing the Lucky Duck Coffee Club!


You already drink coffee.
Why not make it count.

Enjoy premium craft coffee with a purpose. Our coffee partner, Tower Roasting Co., provides 100% organic fair trade coffee while helping to prevent and reduce homelessness in San Diego by donating 30% of every sale.

The Coffee Origin Story

This exquisite heirloom cultivars roast is borne of the mineral rich clay terroir of the Ethiopian Adema community. The time-honored, coveted section is the ne plus ultra for deliciously opulent, complex arabica coffee. The treasured bean is jasmine scented after washed, sweetly pithy when sun drenched, and mild bodied after medium roasted. It is a revered staple of the spiritually transformational 900-year-old Jebena Buna coffee ritual.


In Ethiopian culture, coffee has many expressions with life, sustenance and social relationships. A well-known saying is “Buna dabo naw” meaning “Coffee is our bread.” Yirgacheffe translates to “land of many springs” and is considered the birthplace of coffee. Growing in a perfect climate of Southern Ethiopia, the Yirgacheffe small, green coffee bean is harvested cleanly without typical agronomic chemicals. The coffee plants thrive naturally in warm, higher elevations abundant with water, vegetation, rich red-brown fertile soil under the shade of the Babira, Cordia, and Africana trees.

The farmers in Yirgacheffe are often generational landholders with a few acres of land. They handpick the coffee cherries randomly only as each is perfectly ripe and ready. The cherries go to centralized washing stations that help further separate their flavor profiles.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe’s mellow, light-bodied flavor and captivating aroma make it one of the most loved coffees the world over. The bean’s distinctive features include:

Perfect light to medium-roast coffee

Floral and citrus notes with hints of berries, nuts and chocolate

Ideal flavor for both hot and cold brews

Naturally fresh, organic quality

This coffee’s fruitier berry flavors are brought forward using a French press or Super Pod™. To taste its more lemon essence, the pour-over-method brings out a sweeter acidity. When paired with fruit, lemon deserts or chocolate, you’ll experience even more sumptuous complexity. Early morning dishes like pastries and pancakes also match nicely. Tower’s gourmet Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is pure heaven.


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Your donation
makes a difference

Preventing and alleviating the suffering of homelessness throughout San Diego County.

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